Friday, June 27, 2014

Friday Favorites: Natural History Museums

I've been wanting to start a regular, weekly feature, so here it goes! Welcome to Friday Favorites. As a designer, I am influenced by so many things, and I thought it would be fun to share those inspirations with you guys.

This week, I'm featuring museums of natural history. These are museums that teach us about our history relating to animals, plants, rocks, and our environment. They provide an excellent opportunity to draw inspiration from things such as dinosaur fossils, bird specimens, and rare rocks and minerals. Our natural surroundings can inspire us through their unique textures, patterns, colors, or shapes. We might be inspired by how a creature adapted to a certain way or life or how another animal became extinct.

I have included a few photos of my visits to the Natural History Museum of London.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Wizard World St. Louis Comic Con

Well, Wizard World St. Louis has wrapped up, and I'm missing it already! It's always hard going back to the real world after spending a weekend surrounded by the most passionate, creative, and accepting people in the world. Here are some photo highlights, courtesy of my BFF and awesome helper, Keri. <3 My next convention is DemiCon (May 2-4 in Des Moines, Iowa).

The Jayne Danger booth

The early bird line on Saturday morning

Of course we had to take hotel room selfies

Friday, February 7, 2014

New Years Resolutions

So, it's officially February. How is your New Year's Resolution holding up? According to Psychology Today, 40% of people break their resolution within 30 days. My solution? Instead of making one big, broad goal, break that sucker up into 100 tiny goals! Yep, 100 of them!

For the last four years, I have been creating lists of 100 small goals to accomplish during each new year. It may seem overwhelming, but it actually helps me to narrow my focus. If you set a goal to "Get healthier" this year, you aren't setting a solid foundation from which to work. How do you plan to get healthier? How can you narrow it down? Maybe you can take the stairs instead of the elevator? Go to bed 30 minutes earlier than usual? Have fresh fruit for breakfast every morning, instead of that fast 'n easy McD's? The more you try to stretch your big goal into 100 smaller ones, the more new ways you'll discover that you have room in your life to make small, non-threatening changes to your lifestyle.

Another way to fill out your list is to make categories of goals. My categories are usually personal growth (no gossiping! inspire others!), financial (pay down that debt!), and business (expand and create!).

Once you have your list, put it somewhere where you will see it every day of 2014. I save mine as a simple Notepad file and put it in a conspicuous area of my desktop. You could also print yours and pin it to the wall near your door. Better yet, add inspirational photos to help you visualize your goals and keep them in a notebook by your bed, so you can reflect on how you are doing every night.

At the end of the year, look back and be proud of everything you were able to accomplish. I am never able to reach all 100 goals, but I always feel great reflecting on the growth I made. If there are goals remaining at the end of the year, you can roll those over into next year! Maybe you can change them a little to make them easier to accomplish. Sometimes, your life changes so much over a year that they just don't fit into your lifestyle anymore. No matter what, just keep it up! You'll be doing great things this year. <3

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

New Event Dates!

I have been confirmed for this weekend's NewBo Market in Cedar Rapids on Sunday, February 2nd. I'll have a bunch of Valentine's-themed octos on hand!

Also confirmed are St. Louis and Chicago Wizard World Comic Cons! I hope to meet you there. <3